Writing The Panther Tales has created opportunities for Daniella to share her own voice of belief, centred around her faith and finding and using one’s ‘Gifts’ in life.


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The Talking Book

An indie author produced and an indie author supported podcast. We talk about all genres of books.

The TufFish Show

This time, we talked about how challenges can be conduits to creativity and how empowering and therapeutic writing is. Daniella also shared a fabulous way of how she markets her book that took her main character and book cover to a whole new level!

Reading with your kids podcast

Daniella Rushton is on the #ReadingWithYourKids #Podcast to celebrate her new #YoungAdult #novel The Panther Tales. In this fun conversation Jedlie and Daniella talk about the book, faith, family and how we can help our kids discover the extraordinary gifts that lives inside them.

Rebel Sage Perspectives

July 2021:  Author Daniella Rushton talks about her current online publication containing her fairytale ‘The Special Seed’. It is always a pleasure to speak with her! 

Rebel Sage Perspectives

March 2021: The Panther Tales Author, Daniella Rushton, sits on the virtual couch to chat with Rebel and Sage. We did manage to make Daniella blush. Listen to hear an excerpt from the book.  You can listen to the whole podcast by clicking the button below!

Empowered Pages

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The Because Fiction Podcast

I had the chance to interview a new-to-me author, Daniella Rushton, about her Panther Tales series, and discovered it was a portal fantasy, well… DUH!  Totally excited. Listen in to learn her inspiration for the series, what it’s about, and a whole lot more.

Two Book Ramblers

Weekly podcast for book lovers who want to read beyond the lines. This week we are considering ‘Fantastic sidekicks and where to find them’: Daniella chats with Grettel and Meilyn about her character choices, her inspirations.  You can listen to the podcast by clicking the button below!

The TufFish Show

Welcome Daniella Rushton to the TufFish Show, a place to help writers and aspiring authors get out of their own way to leave a legacy by telling the stories they want to share through writing their own books and confidently sharing them with others. 

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Heavens Road FM

Heavens Road FM is a not-for-profit Catholic online Radio run entirely by volunteers who live all over the UK and abroad. We make and broadcast a wide range of enjoyable programs to help alleviate isolation and loneliness through a bright, affirming mix of programmes.


Enjoy listening to Daniella’s fantasy filled tones as she reads aloud snippets of her work.


Helping others find their Gift

I write to you with great excitement.

The Panthertales is an enchanting and whimsical fantasy that restores the childlike wonder to believe the unbelievable. It took me through a journey of rediscovery and finding my GIFT even in the darkest of times. Can’t wait to experience Hannah and Parky ‘s new adventure.

You are indeed an exceptional writer and a phenomenal woman.
Congratulations on your one year anniversary…

Your number #1 fan
Veruchska Shaik


Sharing her own voice of Belief 

Speaking about Confidence

In January 2021 Daniella was invited to speak at the 2021 CONFIDENCE Women + Wealth + Wellness Summit (CW3) which focused on the physical, mental, financial, and emotional well-being of women.

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Spreading the word of Daniella’s work 

BOLD Journey
June 2024

BOLD Journey featured an article ‘Meet Daniella Rushton’ interview about different ways audiences will be able to connect to The Panther Tales and her most valued skills: Creativity, Focus and Faith. 

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Panther tales magazine article

VoyageLA Magazine
June 2024

VoyageLA featured an article ‘Conversations with Daniella Rushton’ interview about Daniella’s ‘Panther Passion’ and meeting goals set for herself.

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Panther tales magazine article

ShoutOut SoCal Magazine
October 2023

ShoutOut SoCal featured an interview about Daniella’s about her desire to persue a creative path, amongst other topics.

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Panther tales magazine article

Pukaar Magazine
October-December 2022

Pukaar Magazine featured a double-page spread detailing Daniella’s work, as well as insights into her inspiration and motivations for her blossoming writing career.

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Panther tales magazine article

Woman Alive Magazine
Published 6th December 2022

Pilgrimage is an incredible opportunity for spiritual growth and deeper connection with Jesus. Here, author Daniella Rushton shares the three most important things she learned on her trip to Jerusalem.

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Panther tales magazine article