The Panther Tales

The Power of belief in Storytelling.

‘It was to be a battle of belief,’ she said.

Whilst on vacation in America, Hannah Timms becomes embroiled in a new dark world. Negative forces surround her in an attempt to destroy the very essence of who she is. Discovering she has an unimaginable and extraordinary gift, she wonders if it will be enough to save her.

This wonderful book has everything a reader wants, it’s magical, captivating, with a truly heartfelt message of hope, truth and belief in all that is good. It has elements of Narnia and the Twilight series, I cannot wait to see what happens to Hannah, and Parky and Tom. It is an uplifting book , that inspires bravery and courage to see the strength within yourself when guided to search for the light. I absolutely loved it, it is beautifully scripted , stunning illustrations that bring the story to life. A real treat for teen readers and adults , alle hallmarks of a classic tale. Congratulations Daniella, don’t keep us waiting too long for the sequel.

Deborah Carrolan

About the Author

Daniella has a passion for literature, and loves to write! Click the video to hear a short clip from her latest book, or click the button below to find out more about her!

Daniella Rushton’s “The Panther Tales” is one of the most well constructed YA fantasy novels I’ve read in a long time. The subject matter is very inspiring for young kids who need to learn the power of their imagination and even I found myself being swept away. There is a love story but it is very innocent and doesn’t distract from the main plotline-instead, it adds to it and makes you excited to see what will happen next. The world of The Watchers and The Gifted Ones is one I didn’t want to leave and I can’t wait to see what Daniella has in store next for this series!

Ellie Rummell


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About Daniella

She busies herself not only with the ongoing series of The Panther Tales, but with her family, friends and adorable dog Walter too.